Latest Update – 20 August 2019 Ancillaries arrived for crankshaft assembly. 

About the Site

This site documents my build of a replica of the Porsche 356 Speedster from the 1950s based on a kit from Chesil (and likely Pilgrim). The site is a record for my own memory more than anything else, but if you like cars you may find it interesting. 

The build is a kit car which uses a modified VW Beetle chassis and glass-fibre body with steel sub-frame and custom interior.

I bought the chassis from Chesil. Chesil supplied it shortened and added a new frame head (the chassis made up of a later independent rear-suspension model and earlier ball-join front end). It was then primed and painted and looking like new.

I’m a bit undecided about where to buy the body – I’m considering Pilgrim as I’ve bought a kit from them before and I like the shape of their kit (especially the front). 

By the end of the build, it should look something like the below (note, the below photo is an original 356). 

As far as possible with a build like this, I plan to do everything myself, including building the engine. 

Find out more by following the links above. 

356 Speedster Replica Kit from Pilgrim
From this…(image copyright © Pilgrim Motorsports 2019)
Porsche 356 Silver Sports Car
To this…(note this is an original Speedster but it should look something alike)